Technical Women’s Organization Education Scholarship


"What is TWO's Education Scholarship?"

Two $1,000.00 scholarship awarded to one FAA TWO member and one Non-FAA applicant pursuing an aviation- related/technical degree. Non-FAA applicants need a TWO sponsor or can apply by becoming a TWO Associate Member. Please contact the TWO Education Chair for more information.

"When can I apply?"

Scholarship Applications, with signed contract, must be mailed and be postmarked no later than June 12, 2018.

"Why does TWO offer scholarships?"

The Technical Women’s Organization encourages studies or training that will advance and/or enhance an individual’s career in a technical area.

"How can I apply?

All applicants must submit a signed TWO SCHOLARSHIP TRAINING CONTRACT [Page 2], a completed TWO SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION [Page 3], and the additional information mentioned below, to the TWO Education Chair. As mentioned, the package must include:


Two (2) letters of recommendation from either

  • A current or former supervisor;
  • An instructor or advisor;
  • An acquaintance that has known you for more than one year and is not a relative;
  • Non-FAA, one letter must be from a TWO sponsor.



  • a. Include extracurricular activities for school and/or community, volunteer work, honors, and awards, etc.;
  • b. Detail your personal and technical goals [max one page].


Resume listing job history for last three years.


List formal training for the past three years: college, technical, agency, or directed studies. Non‐FAA applicants must supply latest transcript.