TWO Membership Benefits

As a Full Member, you receive the above membership benefits plus the privilege to vote and to hold executive positions on the National Board of Directors as an Officer or Regional Representative within TWO. Full Membership also entitles you TWO Alumni status upon retirement. Dues are only .0022 of minimum base pay. For every $1000 of base salary you pay $2.20. If your base salary is $90,000, then your dues will be $7.61/pp.

As an Associate Member, you enjoy the above membership benefits, however you are not eligible to vote or hold any executive office in TWO. Associate dues are $2.00/pp.

  • National Scholarship Program
  • Informal Mentoring
  • Internal and External Networking
  • Information Resource Sharing
  • Regional Forums, Seminars, and Events
  • National Annual Training Conference
  • Educational and Developmental Seminars
  • Elected Officer/Representative Positions
  • Committee Chair Positions
  • Internal Coaching
  • Leadership Experience
  • Enhancing your Credentials
  • Personal Branding/Profile Revision